H4615 WS1 elbow locking clip 
PKP10TS8-BULK WS1Polytube insert 19,1 mm (3/4") 
V3192 WS1Drain elbow 19,1 mm (3/4") 
V3158-01 WS1Drain elbow 19,1 mm (3/4") male assy 
V3163 WS1O-ring 019 refill/drain fitting 
V3159-01 WS1DLFC retainer assy 
V3162-007 DLFC 0,7 GPM-2,6 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-010 DLFC 1,0 GPM-3,8 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-013 DLFC 1,3 GPM-4,9 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-017 DLFC 1,7 GPM-6,4 l/m (3/4")
V3162-022 DLFC 2,2 GPM-8,3 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-027 DLFC 2,7 GPM-10,2 l/m (3/4")
V3162-032 DLFC 3,2 GPM-12,1 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-042 DLFC 4,2 GPM-15,9 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-053 DLFC 5,3 GPM-20,1 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-065 DLFC 5,3 GPM-20,1 l/m (3/4")
V3162-075 DLFC 6,5 GPM-28,4 l/m (3/4") 
V3162-090 DLFC 9,0 GPM-34,1 l/m (3/4")
V3162-100 DLFC 10,0 GPM-37,9 l/m (3/4")
V3331 WS1 Drain Elbow 3/4” and DLFC Retainer Assembly 
V3498 WS1.5 Brine Elbow Assembly with Refill Flow Control 1/2”

H4615- WS1 Elbow locking clip 
V3008-02 WS1 Drain FTG 25,4 mm (1") straight 
V3166* WS1 Drain FTG 25,4 mm (1") straight 
V3167* WS1 Drain FTG adapter 25,4 mm (1") straight 
V3163* WS1 O-Ring 019 
V3150* WS1 Split ring
V3151* WS1 Nut 25,4 mm (1") QC 
V3105* WS1 O-Ring 215
V3190-090 DLFC 10,0 GPM-34,56 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1")
V3190-100 DLFC 10,0 GPM-37,9 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1") 
V3190-110 DLFC 11,0 GPM-41,6 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1") 21"
V3190-130 DLFC 13,0 GPM-49,2 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1") 
V3190-150 DLFC 15,0 GPM-56,8 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1") - 24"
V3190-170 DLFC 17,0 GPM-64,4 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1") 24"
V3190-200 DLFC 20,0 GPM-75,7 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1") 24-30" 
V3190-250 DLFC 25,0 GPM-94,6 l/m for drain ftg 25,4 mm (1") - 30"

V3176 Injector cap Clack WS1 
V3152 O-ring 135 injector cap 
V3177 injector screen WS1 
V3010-1A WS1 injector assy black 6" 
V3010-1B WS1 injector assy brown (7") 
V3010-1C WS1 injector assy violet (8") 
V3010-1D WS1 injector assy red (9")
V3010-1E WS1 injector assy white (10") 
V3010-1F WS1 injector assy blue (12") 
V3010-1G WS1 injector assy yellow (13") 
V3010-1H WS1 injector assy green (14") 
V3010-1I WS1 injector assy orange (16") 
V3010-1J WS1 injector assy light blue (18") 
V3010-1K WS1 injector assy light green (21") 
V3010-1Z Ws1 injector assy plug 
V3010-15B WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly B Violet - 12" downflow
V3010-15C WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly C Violet - 13" downflow
V3010-15D WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly D white - 14" downflow
V3010-15E WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly E blue - 16" downflow
V3010-15F WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly F yellow - 18" downflow 
V3010-15G WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly H green - 21" downflow
V3010-15H WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly H orange - 24" downflow 
V3010-15I WS1.5/2L Injector Assembly I - 30" downflow 
V3010-15Z WS1.5/2L Injector PLUG Z
V3010-2A WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly A - 18" downflow 
V3010-2B WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly B - 21" downflow 
V3010-2C WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly C - 24" downflow 
V3010-2D WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly D - 30" downflow
V3010-2E WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly E - 36" downflow 
V3010-2F WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly F - 42" downflow 
V3010-2G WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly G - 48" downflow
V3010-2I WS2/2H/3 Injector Assembly A - 63" downflow 
V3170 WS1 injector assy light blue (18")
V3171 upper O-ring 013

V3195-01 WS1 refill port plug

H4615 WS1 elbow locking clip
JCP-P-6 WS1 polytube insert 3/8"-9,5 mm 
JCPG-6BLK WS1 nut 3/8"-9,5 mm
H4613 WS1elbow cap 3/8"-9,5 mm 
V3163 WS1O-ring 019 drain/refill elbow cap 3/8"-9,5 mm 
V3165-01 WS1 WSC retainer asy 
V3182 WS1 RFC 
H4650 WS1 Elbow 1/2"-12.7 mm w/nut and insert 
V3330 WS1 Elbow Cap (H4613) and O-Ring (V3163) 
V3330-01 WS1 Brine Elbow Assembly with RFC (Refill Flow Control) 
V3552 WS1 Brine Elbow Assembly with Refill Fill Flow Control 1/2”

V3006 WS1 bypass assembly 
V3007-06 WS1 Fitting 1” Plastic Male BSPT assy. 
V3007-08 WS1 Fitting 1 1/4” Plastic Male BSPT assy 
V3007-14 WS1 Fitting 3/4"” Plastic Male BSPT assy. 
V3008-02 WS1 Drain Fitting 1” Straight w/ Silencer 
V3008-04 WS1 Drain Fitting 1” Straight w/o Silencer 
V3008-05 WS2 Drain Fitting 1” Straight w/o Silencer 
V3009 WS1 Auxiliary Microswitch Assembly 
V3014 WS1 Series Microswitch Assembly w/cable 
V3017 WS2 Service Or Fill Switch Assembly 
V3186EU Transformer Clack EU pin 
V3191-01 V3191-01, WS1 bypass vertical adapter assembly 
V3193-02 Service spanner wrench 

V3175CI-01 WS1CI Front Cover Asy Black 
V3175CI-01A WS1CI Front Cover Asy Almond 
V3175CI-01B WS1CI Front Cover Asy Blue
V3107-01 WS1 motor assy
V3106-01 WS1 plastic board support 
V3108CIBOARD cheda elettronica valvola WS1CI-WS1.25CI-WS1.5CI-WS2CI 
V3108TCBOARD cheda elettronica valvola WS1CI-WS1.25CI-WS1.5CI-WS2CI 
V3110 WS1 Drive Reducing Gear 12x36
V3109 WS1 Drive Gear Cover

V3005 WS1 spacer stack assembly
V3004 WS1 drive cap assy 
V3135 WS1 O-ring 228 
V3011 WS1 piston downflow asy 
V3001-01 WS1 piston upflow asy 
V3174 WS1regenerant piston asy 
V3180 WS1 O-ring 337

V3151 WS1 Nut 25,4 mm (1") QC 
V3003* WS1 Meter Asy 
V3118-01 WS1 Meter turbine asy 
V3105 WS1 O-Ring 
V3003-01 WS1 Meter plug asy 
V3013 WS1 Mixing valve asy (optional) 
V3003-02 WS1.5/2/2h/3 Commercial Meter Assy2 Meter Asy 
V3040BSPT WS1.5 Meter Assembly Male x Female BSPT
V3040BSPT-15 WS1.5 Meter Assembly Male x Female BSPT w/15" cable
V3094BSPT WS2 Meter Assembly Male x Female BSPT
V3094BSPT-15 WS2 Meter Asy Male x Female BSPT 15' Meter Cable
V3118-03 WS1.5/2 Turbine Assembly 
V3340- WS1 Interconnect Cable (Series Regeneration) 
V3474 WS Alt Connection Cord 8’ Black For Single Meter (3 Wire Interconnect)