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About Us

About Us
“I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all my colleagues for their loyalty and commitment, to our business partners for their precious support and above all TO OUR CUSTOMERS, who trust us and esteem our company’s traditional values: our continuity, independence, far-sighted planning and principles of quality, as well as for our skills. We promise, now and in the future, we uphold these values as a family company.”

Welcome to Celtis Water Official Website, if you are looking for a reliable supplier of water treatment components and filter media, here you are at the right place.

Celtis Water was born in 2007 from an idea of ​​Moreno Marchina, who, thanks to his previous work experience as export manager and representative of water treatment products, as well as his vocation for export, decided to get involved with great determination in this sector as an international distributor.

Our mission is to offer a wide selection of components and filter media with the best quality / price ratio in order to make our customers’ companies more competitive.

To achieve our goal we are determined to create synergies with our customers in order to grow together. We work closely with international manufacturers, to be able to offer products that are always in line with market demands and remaining on the constant search for innovative solutions.

We address professionals in the water treatment sector, industrial and domestic, for primary water, process water, waste water, sea water, such as manufacturers of water treatment plants (reverse osmosis, softeners, deionizing systems, filtration, ultrafiltration, UV sterilization, arsenic removal, contaminant removal), for civil use (private homes, condominiums, bars, restaurants), for industrial use (galvanic treatments, laundries, ironing, painting, etc.), food and dairy (dairies, dairies, cured meats, beverages, etc.), livestock (well water treatment for animal breeding), irrigation, as well as resellers of systems and filters for water treatment.

We believe in the importance of quality, both for our products and in terms of customer support.

We are a dynamic and flexible reality, animated by the passion for this work, an aspect that has allowed us to forge a group of people determined in achieving the set goals and endowed with special sensitivity and attention, also trained on the basis of their aptitudes and aspirations, to shape an attentive customer service capable of responding promptly to as many needs as possible.

Flexibility, Speed, Reliability, Evolution, Transparency, represent the values ​​that guide our daily work path.


We pay the utmost attention to the needs of customers and the international market, moving in a dynamic and versatile way we try to satisfy every need effectively.


Through individual customer assistance and the dedication of our staff, combined with the use of adequate equipment, we strive every day to guarantee a complete service and rapid delivery of orders.


Despite the enormous recent difficulties in supplying internationally, due to the constantly increasing costs, we strive to maintain a well-stocked warehouse and to respect delivery times.


By collecting the indications from our customers and implementing them by applying our experience, we are constantly looking for quality products and long-term solutions able to meet the needs of our customers.


We are experiencing a period characterized by continuous challenges and sudden changes, in this scenario, we believe that integrity should be the guideline of our relationship with customers, which is achieved through transparency, maximum cooperation and efficiency.